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Car milling compound machine tool

Car milling compound machine tool

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Car milling compound machine tool

The main contents of daily maintenance and maintenance of automatic nc lathe are as follows:

(1) keep the environment clean and tidy. Automatic numerical control lathe to use the environment to have certain requirements, the environment must be kept clean and tidy, avoid too dry wet, avoid too much dust, in particular to avoid corrosive gas, so to reduce machine tool guideway and wear and corrosion of wire rod, prevent damage to electrical components, to extend the time of automatic numerical control lathe failure-free operation has obvious effect.

(2) keep the automatic nc lathe clean. For the operator of automatic nc lathe, it is also an important part of duty to clean the machine tool at any time. Want to insist to the main part (such as workbench, operation panel, etc.) hand over when wipe, especially knife frame board, must use soft cotton gauze to wipe clean before going off duty, besmear lubricated, prevent the corrosion of knife frame board. Thoroughly clean and wipe the whole machine once a week, for example, clean the dust screen installed in the cooling cabinet, the filter of compressed air system and the chip in the cooling liquid tank. In addition, the machine tool specification has some other cleaning requirements for specific machine tool parts, which should be referred to.

(3) check all parts of the machine tool regularly. Hydraulic system, lubricating system, cooling system, emergency stop button, stroke limit switch and other parts related to equipment safety of automatic nc lathe should be inspected frequently so as to timely find out problems and eliminate hidden dangers.

For the wear and looseness of transmission belt, the cleanliness of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and cooling fluid, motor, circuit breaker, contactor, relay and so on shall be inspected regularly.

The cooling and ventilation devices of the numerical control system and the electric cabinet shall be inspected regularly. If these devices cannot work normally, the working environment of the electrical components will deteriorate and the equipment will fail to operate.

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