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Oblique track CNC lathe

  • Taxonomy:CKDT6146 The whole inclined bed body cutter tower is not equipped with a tailstock control lathe

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Oblique track CNC lathe

The application of automatic nc lathe has greatly improved the precision of parts processing and realized high speed and precision machining. Now, let's take a look at the parts processing of automatic CNC lathes.

Step 1: first read the part drawing and fully understand the technical requirements of the drawing, such as dimensional accuracy, form tolerance, surface roughness, workpiece materials, hardness, processing performance and workpiece quantity.

Step 2: make process analysis according to the requirements of part drawings, including structural and technological analysis of parts, reasonable analysis of material and design precision, and general process steps.

Automatic CNC lathe

Step 3: according to the process analysis, make all the process information required for processing. Such as: machining process route, process requirements, tool movement track, displacement, cutting amount (automatic CNC lathe spindle speed, feed quantity, cutting depth) and auxiliary functions (tool changing, spindle forward turning or reversing, cutting fluid opening or closing), and fill in processing procedure card and process card;

Step 4: according to the part drawing and the process content, and then according to the instruction code and program format of the nc system used.

Step 5: input the programmed program into the nc device of the automatic nc lathe through the transmission interface. After adjusting the lathe and invoking the program, the parts that meet the requirements of the drawing can be processed.

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