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CNC milling compound machine

CNC milling compound machine

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CNC milling compound machine

Current industrial precision CNC lathe products are mostly used in an efficient and high precision of a kind of automatic numerical control lathe, carrying the functional diversity of precision CNC lathe tool turret and its control function can be on a variety process workpiece processing, generally precision CNC lathes have demand on the power and the temperature of the working environment.

First of all, for the temperature of precision nc lathe, the ambient temperature of precision nc lathe should not be lower than 30 perturbation, and the relative temperature should be less than 80%. In general, the CNC electric control cabinet is equipped with a exhaust fan or a cold fan inside to keep the electronic components, especially the central processor operating temperature constant or temperature difference is small. High temperature and humidity will lead to a decrease in the life of control system components and lead to increased failures. The higher the temperature and humidity, the more dust will be in the integrated circuit board bonding, and lead to short circuit.

Second for power requirement on precision CNC lathe after installed to the processing workshops, the outside world not only because of the conditions of use and the surrounding environment temperature changes influence mechanical equipment may grid fluctuation is bigger, so the installation precision CNC lathe on the power supply of best can load voltage stabilizer, the power input voltage must be strictly controlled, the basic need to maintain precision CNC lathe power within the allowed working range, and keep a steady precision CNC lathe work.

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