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Mechanical processing

Mechanical processing

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Mechanical processing

Precision CNC lathe fault occurs immediately after the test, only to find the crux of maintenance, general method to detect a problem for lathe or a lot, such as theory analysis, but when these ways have been used, but still has no effect when they need to use in a different way, that is the device switching method, normally the test method is in use for the final, there is no other way after device exchange method for problem troubleshooting of effect, very good, can perfect to solve the problem, However, the time spent in this process is relatively large.

So what is the exchange method through this device name we can know that his intentions, just test control system for some accessories, didn't find fault visual still haven't found any problems at this time when the fault is found in basic on one formally by the hands of the main components of measuring instrument, and the joint between systems may have problems, therefore, although cannot find out the problem, but really have the problem, this case through other ways to detect the problem it is almost impossible, This case will need to use the device switching method which may be defective parts removed for new parts to replace, if system still cannot work normally after replace the parts that will contact its upstream or downstream parts replaced accessories, after the replacement work normally problem can be solved, through such change the way to find the crux of the problem.

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