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Do automatic CNC lathes need oil change maintenance

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Do automatic CNC lathes need oil change maintenance

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Techniques for automatic CNC lathes that need to be known:

(1) when taking out a circuit board from the whole machine of automatic nc lathe, the corresponding position and cable number should be recorded. For the fixed circuit board, the corresponding pressing parts and screws should be taken off before and after for recording. The pressure parts and screws removed should be placed in a special box to avoid loss. After assembly, everything in the box should be used, otherwise the assembly is incomplete.

(2) automatic CNC lathes should not cut off the printing line at will. Some maintenance personnel have certain experience in home appliance repair, used to break line to check, but most of nc equipment on the circuit board is double metal orifice or multilayer Kong Hua plate, printing line, dense, once cut off is not easy to welding, and tangent easy to cut the adjacent lines, moreover some points, when cutting a thread, does not make it and line out, need to cut a few lines at the same time.



(3) components should not be dismantled or replaced at will. Some maintenance personnel do not determine the failure of the components only by feeling that the component is broken, immediately disassemble and replace, so that the misjudgment rate is higher, the removed components artificial damage rate is higher.

(4) when disassembling the components, the tin absorber and the tin suction rope shall be used. The same welding disc of automatic nc lathe should not be heated and disassembled for a long time so as not to damage the welding disc.

(5) replace the new device, its pin should be properly treated, and acid welding oil should not be used in welding.

(6) record the switch on the line, and the position of the jumper line shall not be changed at will. When conducting the control inspection above the poles, or when switching components, attention should be paid to mark the components on each board, so as to avoid derangement, so that the good board cannot work.

Automatic CNC lathes need oil change maintenance, which many people are quite confused about. Here is the solution for you! First, fully automatic CNC lathe with your car, buy to return after must pay attention to the health mesa, let dust and scrap iron can't enter into orbit, inside the harm is the precision variation and feel is heavier, rolled up on a heavy, hard, so the early stage of the new fully automatic CNC lathe should oil change once a month, a year later in three months time, three times in the first three months must change.

Secondly, when the oil of the automatic CNC lathe is changed, the impurities of the machine tool track will also be reduced. It will flow into the oil groove along the new oil, and it will not stay in the track and will not scratch the track.

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