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What are the characteristics of the precision CNC lathe of yuyang nc machine

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What are the characteristics of the precision CNC lathe of yuyang nc machine

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    Can use precision CNC lathe precision machining is once again the clamping of the multiple machining surface, generally only testing first, so you can save when ordinary lathe precision machining of many intermediate process, such as line, size detection, reducing the time, and since the parts CNC precision machining quality is stable, bring convenience for the follow-up process, its comprehensive efficiency is obviously improved. Numerical control precision machinery processing generally does not require a lot of complex process equipment, through the preparation of processing procedures can be complex shape and precision requirements of the mechanical parts and accessories out of the machine parts, when the product is changed, as long as the process is changed, and do not need to re-design tooling can be produced. Therefore, nc precision machining can greatly shorten the product development cycle and provide a shortcut for the development of new products.



CNC machine tools are processed according to digital instructions. At present, the pulse equivalent of CNC machine tools generally reaches 0.001mm, and the reverse clearance of feed drive chain and screw pitch error can be compensated by nc devices. Therefore, CNC machine tools can achieve high machining accuracy. For medium and small CNC machine tools, the positioning accuracy is generally up to 0.03mm, and the repeated positioning accuracy is 0.0 LMM. In addition, the drive system and machine tool structure of precision nc lathe have high rigidity and thermal stability, high manufacturing precision, automatic machining method of precision nc lathe avoids artificial interference factors, the size of the same batch of parts is consistent, the product qualified rate is high, and the processing quality is stable.

Although numerical control equipment is expensive and the cost of equipment spread over each workpiece is large, many other costs can be saved by using it. In particular, there is no need to design and manufacture special fixture, the processing precision is stable, the scrap rate is low, and the adjustment link is reduced, so the overall cost is reduced, and good economic benefits can be obtained.

Through the automatic control of the numerical control system, yuyang precision CNC lathe carries out the cutting of various inner holes, outer circles, conical surfaces, circular arcs and threads, especially suitable for the coarse precision processing of medium and small batch shafts and disk parts, which has the characteristics of high degree of automation, simple programming and high precision.

High precision CNC lathe standard configuration table: spindle through hole 82; Four-station electric tool holder; 10 inch manual chuck; Spindle frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, with tail seat; Double - open half - protection/full protection, guide tape - plastic.

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