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The daily maintenance of high performance automatic nc lathe is briefly described

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The daily maintenance of high performance automatic nc lathe is briefly described

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Automatic CNC lathe is a kind of high performance, high precision and low noise automatic lathe, after the numerical control programming of automatic lathe, it can control the position change of shaft movement system and spindle system for chip cutting, and can carry out automatic feeding and automatic processing through the numerical control system.

When taking out a circuit board from the whole machine of the automatic nc lathe, the corresponding position and cable number should be noted down. For the fixed circuit board, the corresponding pressing parts and screws should be taken off before and after recording. The pressure parts and screws removed should be placed in a special box to avoid loss. After assembly, everything in the box should be used, otherwise the assembly is incomplete.



Electric soldering iron should be placed in the front of the hand, far away from the maintenance circuit board. The soldering iron head should be properly trimmed to suit the welding of integrated circuit and avoid any damage to other components during welding.

Automatic CNC lathes should not be cut off at will. Some maintenance personnel have certain experience in home appliance repair, used to break line to check, but most of nc equipment on the circuit board is double metal orifice or multilayer Kong Hua plate, printing line, dense, once cut off is not easy to welding, and tangent easy to cut the adjacent lines, moreover some points, when cutting a thread, does not make it and line out, need to cut a few lines at the same time.

Daily maintenance of automatic CNC lathes:

1. Check the lubricating oil level to ensure the machine is lubricated.

2. Check whether the coolant in the coolant tank is sufficient and not added timely enough.

3. Check the height of the oil level of the pneumatic triplets, which is about 2/3 of the total tubing height. The water and gas in the pneumatic three-piece filter tank is discharged by the drain switch every day.

4. Check the air pressure, loosen the adjusting knob, and adjust the pressure according to the principle of right-handed pressurization and left-handed decompression, generally set as 5-7kg /CM2. The pressure switch is usually set at 5KG/CM2. When it is lower than 5KG/CM2, the alarm will be sent.

5. Check whether the air blowing is normal in the conical hole of the spindle, wipe the conical hole of the spindle with clean cotton cloth and spray light oil.

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