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A brief analysis of precision CNC lathe factory is the product of electromechanical integration

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A brief analysis of precision CNC lathe factory is the product of electromechanical integration

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CNC lathes factory is one of the most widely used precision CNC lathes. It is mainly used for cutting and machining the inner and outer cylinder surface of shaft parts or disk parts, the inner and outer cone surface of any cone Angle, the complex revolving inner and outer surface, the cylinder, the conical thread, and so on.

Precision CNC lathes are automatic parts processing according to preprogrammed processing procedures. We put the parts of the processing craft route, process parameters and tool trajectory, displacement, cutting parameters and auxiliary functions, in accordance with the instruction code and procedures prescribed by the precision CNC lathe format write into the processing program list, then this program list the contents of the records in the control medium, and then input to the precision of numerical control lathe numerical control device, thereby command machine parts.


Precision CNC lathes all or part of the loss of specified functions called precision CNC lathes fault.

The failure rate of precision nc lathe has obvious change with the use of time. Because the shape of the typical fault curve is similar to that of the bathtub, it is called the bathtub curve or the failure rate curve of the machine tool, which is divided into three stages. Stage I is the initial operation zone, with a negative exponential curve and a high failure rate of machine tools. Stage u is the effective life zone of the system. Generally, precision CNC lathes can only enter the effective life zone after 9-14 months of operation. The machine tool entering the effective life zone has very low failure rate. The first IQ stage is the aging area of precision CNC lathes, during which the failure rate of the system rises sharply with the increase of time. This curve helps us to understand and analyze the failure of precision nc lathe.

Precision CNC lathe is the product of electromechanical integration, advanced technology and complex structure. There are many kinds of faults in precision CNC lathes, and the fault causes are generally complex, which brings many difficulties to the fault diagnosis and maintenance of precision CNC lathes. In order to facilitate the fault analysis and diagnosis of machine tools, this section divides the fault of precision nc lathe into several categories according to the nature of fault, the cause of fault and the location of fault.

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