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Common functions and advantages of precision nc lathe tool - to - tool instrument

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Common functions and advantages of precision nc lathe tool - to - tool instrument

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In the process of manufacturing product parts with precision nc lathe, there are many factors influencing the quality of parts, such as precision of nc machine tools, workpiece materials, workpiece heat treatment, processing technology, cooling fluid, cutting tools and so on. Among them, the precise setting of tool parameters has been rarely concerned and valued by all. Today, the common functional advantages of precision CNC lathe are introduced.

1. Automatic measurement and parameter update of tool length/diameter: dynamic measurement of tool length/diameter is carried out when the tool is rotating, and the measurement parameters include the end/radial run-out error of the spindle of the lathe, so as to obtain the offset value of "dynamic" tool during high-speed machining; At the same time, automatic measurement of tool parameters can be carried out at any time, which greatly eliminates the "change" of tool parameters caused by thermal deformation of machine tool. The measurement results are automatically updated to the corresponding tool parameter list to completely avoid the potential risks brought by human to the tool and parameter input.


2. Automatic monitoring of tool wear/damage: in the actual production process, when the tool is worn or damaged (broken), it is difficult for the operator to find and correct it in time (especially for drill knives with small diameter), resulting in more loss of subsequent tools and even scrap of workpieces. Instrument use machines to the sword before after the tooling back knife library, automatically to a measuring tool length, can automatically in case of normal wear and tear and wear numerical updates to the knife damage parameters, in case of long wear can be as a tool breakage (break) to choose to replace the new cutter for machining of the next or automatic stop alarm prompt the operator for cutting tool replacement. This improves product quality and reduces tool wear and tear or scrap rate.

3. The thermal deformation of precision CNC lathe automatic compensation: machine tool production and processing, with the change of ambient temperature and the change of the working load, the thermal deformation of machine tool change happens all the time and then drive the cutting tool, the result is that the workshop the same precision CNC lathes in the early/middle/night work out product in the different periods of large size precision of volatility. The tool parameters can be automatically measured and updated at any time before or during the process of machining after using the tool tester in the machine. Each measurement is the tool setting under the current thermal deformation of the machine tool, which greatly reduces the error caused by thermal deformation of the machine tool.

4. Contour measurement and monitoring: in special processing, such as forming knife, it is time-consuming and complicated to measure the tool profile and judge the tool status using the tool outside the machine. Meanwhile, the tool skills of the operator are also highly required.

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