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Automatic CNC lathes manufacturers should adhere to the following five principles

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Automatic CNC lathes manufacturers should adhere to the following five principles

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After years of development, great achievements have been made in the machinery manufacturing industry, among which, the processing of economical automatic CNC lathes provides a favorable basis for the development of the machinery manufacturing industry. Modern machinery processing and manufacturing of economical CNC lathe automatically put forward higher request, need economical under the premise of automatic numerical control lathe with functions of automatic processing, but also the security reliability, therefore, to strengthen the failure analysis of nc machine tools, can improve the stability of the machine tool operation, then can promote the development of mechanical manufacturing industry in our country.

Economical automatic CNC lathe processing can effectively improve the efficiency of the mechanical parts manufacturing, its reliability affects the development of mechanical manufacturing technology, advanced machinery manufacturing technology, not only need to improve the performance of automatic numerical control lathe also need to improve the reliability of automatic numerical control lathe, can guarantee the effect of processing can be achieved in reasonable, at the same time enhance the security of machining, reduce operating cumbersome steps. Improving the reliability of economical automatic CNC lathes can promote the development of CNC and machinery manufacturing, and further promote the development of industrialization in China.


It is a comprehensive technical problem to choose automatic nc lathe manufacturer. Now, no matter at home or abroad, we can produce and provide a variety of equipment. After decades of development, CNC machine tools have evolved into a large family group, able to meet various processing and manufacturing requirements. The price of automatic CNC lathes is not only one of the criteria for selecting models, but the following five principles should be adhered to:

1. Stability and reliability. If the CNC machine tool of choice and purchase cannot work stably and reliably, it will lose its meaning completely. Therefore, it is important to choose famous brand products (including host, control system and accessories) as far as possible when purchasing, because these products are mature in technology, have certain production volume, and have been used by users normally.

2. Practicality. The purpose is to solve one or more problems in production. Practicability is to make the CNC machine tool that choose and buy can achieve the predetermined target to the best degree, must pay attention to not to trade with high cost the more complex CNC machine tool that function is too much and not practical.

3. Economy. Only with a clear goal and a targeted choice of machine tools can we achieve the best results with a reasonable investment. Economy is to point to the CNC machine tool that chooses and chooses to meet the processing requirement condition, the cost that pays is least or most economic.

4. Operability. Choose and buy a fully functional, relatively advanced CNC machine tool, if there is no appropriate person to operate use or programming, no skilled maintenance workers to maintain repair, no good machine tool can be used well, nor play its due role. Therefore, in the choice of CNC machine tools to consider whether convenient operation, programming and maintenance. Otherwise, it will not only bring difficulties to the use, maintenance, repair and other aspects of nc machine tools, but also cause equipment waste.

Shop around. Strengthen the market research work, to understand the department of CNC machine tools or to use CNC machine tools experienced users for technical consultation, as far as possible to have a comprehensive understanding of the domestic and foreign market situation of CNC machine tools, we should make full use of various exhibitions to select high-quality, cheap, reliable performance equipment, and strive to achieve a comparison of goods. Must according to the actual needs of the unit, select mature and stable products.

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