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In the automatic CNC lathe industry, information and network is an inevitable trend

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In the automatic CNC lathe industry, information and network is an inevitable trend

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As the strategic equipment of national defense military industry, economical automatic CNC lathes are the most important manufacturing means of all kinds of weapon equipment and the important guarantee of modernization of national defense military industrial equipment. Driven by the market demand, the vigorous demand of China's automatic CNC lathes industry will continue to grow at a high speed. The domestic demand for medium and high-end machine tools gradually exceeds that of low-grade ones, and the annual compound growth rate reaches 37.4%. Automatic CNC lathes have become the mainstream of machine tool consumption. The rapid growth of demand for automatic CNC lathes has brought great demand for CNC system.

In the development of economy, national policy support, upstream and downstream industries such as background, the automatic numerical control lathe in our country the demand will continue to maintain rapid growth of the industry, especially the economical automatic CNC lathe will usher in a greater market space, the next 3 to 5 years, our country fully automatic CNC lathe industry market growth rate will reach 12 or so. This will certainly drive the market development of China's domestic automatic CNC lathes, their numerical control systems and related functional components, and undoubtedly provide an excellent opportunity for domestic CNC system manufacturers to develop their own technologies and expand the market.

The development of automatic CNC lathes has promoted the innovation and upgrading of functional components of automatic CNC lathes. Automatic CNC lathes belong to the manufacture of metal cutting machine tools. Driven by the national revitalization of equipment manufacturing and the international industrial transfer, the growth rate of China's equipment and tool purchase investment will continue to maintain the level of about 20% in the next 5-10 years, and the demand of machine tool industry will continue to grow rapidly.



At present, machine tools have been applied to various fields continuously, which has accelerated the development of various industries. Meanwhile, they have brought great convenience and rapid development to people's life, without bringing benefits to enterprises. In the future high - end automatic CNC lathes in the domestic market prospects broad. This article is transferred to dongguan cainiao hardware.

In the automatic CNC lathe industry, information and network is an inevitable trend and the basis of intelligence. In recent years, with the development of network technology and the development of sensing technology, machine tools are increasingly used in mass production. Their management, output, output value, scheduling and so on can all be connected with automation technology, so as to fully realize functions such as full digitization, error control, data compensation and network diagnosis.

According to the market research center, the automatic CNC lathe industry is a high-tech industry. It is characterized by high technical requirements, rapid product renewal, high investment density and comprehensive products. All functional components are crucial to the quality and performance of the whole machine. The product market capacity is small, the competition is strong. This is a high requirement for the coordination of government support and the effective and flexible operation of enterprises. The basic policy direction is to better combine the national policy orientation, the improvement of the industrial structure and the flexible and efficient enterprise mechanism.

Nowadays, the machine tool industry in China proposes to take the high-end route, and the key links such as CNC system and cutter have become the development direction of the industry. In the future, the key work of the industry should be focused on improving the ability of independent innovation, increasing the level of industrialization and accelerating the upgrading of machine tool industry.

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