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Automatic nc lathe manufacturer is the necessary equipment for industrial manufacture

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Automatic nc lathe manufacturer is the necessary equipment for industrial manufacture

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As the numerical control technology system is complex and huge, the numerical control system belongs to the high-tech electronic industry with both software and hardware research and development, which requires a large amount of capital and technical strength, which cannot be supported by one household. Reckless investment, which cannot be supported in the future, is likely to cause undue loss of human resources and financial resources, so the government's guidance is necessary. Organization of CNC system production, learning, research and so on, functional components should be the same.

The structural features of economical CNC lathes are as follows:

1. Economic CNC lathe has high precision, low noise, high precision and good stability.

2. Economic CNC lathe can turn all kinds of rotating surfaces, such as cylindrical surface, conical surface, special surface, etc., and can carry out groove cutting, thread cutting, boring and hinge processing, with high efficiency and strong applicability.

3. The bed guide rail of economic nc lathe is finely ground after quenching by ultra-audio frequency, with high hardness and good rigidity.

4. Ball screw adopts integral internal circulation screw, which is supported and pre-tightened by diagonal contact ball bearing. Guide rail, wire rod and so on adopt centralized automatic lubrication, with flexible movement, reduce thermal deformation, accuracy and stability.

5. Electric four-position tool holder adopts precision gear disc positioning, with high repeatable positioning accuracy.

6. The tail frame has a quick CAM clamping device, with high working efficiency. There is a device for preventing the bit from rotating in the tail-seat sleeve, avoiding the damage of the taper of the hole in the tail-seat sleeve caused by the bit rotation caused by the wrong operation, and effectively protecting the tail-seat parts.

7. Economical CNC lathes are easy to operate, especially suitable for the processing of complex parts or large quantities of parts with high precision.



Automatic CNC lathes factory is a necessary equipment for industrial manufacturing and one of the necessary equipment. While carrying out mechanical manufacturing, the purpose of using automatic CNC lathes is to greatly increase the scope of use, promote industrial production to a certain extent and improve the working efficiency. Since the development of the technology of automatic CNC lathes in China to the mature stage, various fields have begun to pay extensive attention to the automatic CNC lathes. At present, China's machine tool casting industry is in a period of rapid development. This period was also a period when the machine tool casting industry grew from large to strong.

At present, the automatic CNC lathes produced in China can be roughly divided into economic machine tools, universal machine tools and high-grade machine tools. Economic machine tools are basically open-loop control; The universal machine tool adopts semi-closed loop control technology with resolution up to 1 micron. The high-grade machine tool adopts closed loop control, with high precision, high speed and compound, with various compensation function, new control function, automatic diagnosis, resolution up to 0.1 micron, and computer can replace human to program.

From the forecast report on the development prospect of China's automatic CNC lathes industry, it is understood that the economic automatic CNC lathes applied in China are basically domestic products, and domestic products can meet the needs of most machine tool users in terms of both quality and reliability. About 60%~70% of the popular automatic CNC lathes in China are domestic products, but it needs to be pointed out that about 80% of these domestic automatic CNC lathes are using foreign products. Domestic products of high-grade machine tools can only account for about 2%, and are mainly imported. In terms of market demand, low-grade machine tools and middle-grade machine tools account for about 50% and 40% respectively, and high-end automatic CNC lathes account for about 10%.

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